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Inland Businesses

Inland Businesses are those businesses that do not fall into either of the first two categories and are unlikely to encounter sea turtles in any aspect of normal business. Therefore, the primary focus of the CTAP Inland Criteria is supporting ongoing sea turtle conservation and research already being performed in country by the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network. This is done through beach cleanups, educational campaigns for the general public, staff volunteer efforts, interpretive signage, and staff educational training. 


Section 1 is common to all categories (see common criteria).

Section 2: Demonstrate Effective Management to Minimize Negative Sea Turtle Impacts

Patron Behavior
The establishment shall inform its patrons of the Statement and provide information on appropriate behavior on the beach, in the water, and if a sea turtle is encountered.


Artificial Light Pollution

The establishment shall take accountability for the artificial light pollution it creates and take measures to minimize ambient light and prevent light visibility from the beach. 

Section 3: Demonstrate Effective Management to Minimize Negative Environmental Impacts

Landscaping (Recommended)

The establishment should use native species wherever feasible and avoids introducing invasive species in their landscaping.


Section 4:  Demonstrate a Contribution to Sea Turtle Conservation in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis

Beach Cleanups

The establishment agrees to host two beach cleanups each year that it is in good CERTIFIED TURTLE APPROVED standing.

Volunteer Staff

The establishment commits to a collective 40 hours of paid staff volunteer time with the SKSTMN for each year it is in good CERTIFIED TURTLE APPROVED standing.


Educational Campaign

The establishment agrees to conduct one SKSTMN-approved educational campaign in each year it is in good CERTIFIED TURTLE APPROVED standing on behalf of the SKSTMN as part of its marketing campaign.

CTAP Inland Businesses
Staff Sea Turtle Education Workshop
Examples of Interpretive Signage
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